Corporate Responsibility

TWE has a deep and intrinsic link to agriculture. The long term sustainability of our business is dependent upon sound management practices guiding our interactions with our environment and communities. Our approach to corporate responsibility and sustainability seeks to position TWE as a positive force in the communities where we operate; managing environmental and social risks both now and in the future to drive sustainability and competitive advantage.
To celebrate our Corporate Responsibility (CR) story, and to mark our first birthday celebration, in May 2012 we created a video with our people from all regions telling their story.


Our CR Guiding Principles

Our CR Guiding Principles describe what we stand for, and how we operate across our global communities.

Principal 1: We believe that we should lead the wine industry in corporate social responsibility, and this defines how we operate across our value chain

  • Across the value chain, the decisions we make in the course of running our business consider environmental and social implications.
  • We assess these implications and their effects on our key stakeholder groups including our growers, suppliers, our operations, customers and consumers, and we take a balanced approach.
  • We track and report this information, authentically & transparently. We communicate it regularly as part of our business reporting (that means the good with the bad).
  • We take an active role in shaping our industry to move it forward.

Principle 2: We protect and enhance the people and places around us, creating a well and connected community

  • We are a company comprised of many communities. We want them to be well, and socially connected.
  • The responsible consumption of our products enhance social connection.
  • We do not support the abuse of our product in any market in which we operate. We take on this tough task and we work tirelessly to educate and inform our consumers of this. We’re in it for the long term.
  • We care about and value our people. We want a safe, inspired and informed group of people working with us.

Principle 3: We use as little as we need, as efficiently as we can

  • As custodians of our lands, we look to make a positive contribution to the communities in which we operate.
  • We know that energy and water are limited resources and we will use them as efficiently as we can.
  • We are continuing to maintain our focus on reducing the carbon emissions from across our value chain.
  • Through design and education, we support making our packaging the most recoverable it can be.
  • We don’t want any waste, anywhere.

CR Strategic Priorities

TWE’s five-year CR strategy, established in FY12, is underpinned by a set of guiding CR Principles. Our priorities in FY15 are:
  • Responsible Consumption;
  • Sustainable Sourcing; and
  • Corporate Volunteering.
Responsible Consumption
As one of the world’s largest wine companies, we have a big responsibility and commitment to advancing the wine category in alcohol education and responsible consumption.
Sustainable Sourcing
Safeguarding sustainable supply reflects an increasing stakeholder expectation for transparency of the social and environmental impacts of the Company’s operations and those of its suppliers.
Corporate Volunteering
No matter what we do as a wine business – be it growing grapes, producing wines, or transporting them around the world – we know we have a responsibility to our communities.


Global CR Council

Our CR program is overseen by the Global CR Council, which is chaired by our CEO and comprised of senior and executive leaders from across our global business.  The Council meets three times per year and reviews progress against our objectives and targets.


Our Memberships

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