It takes a special alchemy for a great wine to come into being: the intensity of an ardent sun, a soft and welcome rain and a rich, generous earth that nurtures the vines to perfect fruit. Above all, it takes the affections of a devoted winemaker to coax the tender grapes to their fleeting glory — harvest time. It is only then, after carefully juggling a delicate balance of science and instinct, that the secrets of the vines, the rhythms of the seasons and the vineyard’s unmistakable perfumes finally yield a truly memorable glass of wine.

Such are the origins of each proud member of the brand family that is Treasury Wine Estates today. Dating back to 1843 with the establishment of the Lindeman’s Vineyard in Australia’s Hunter Valley, Penfolds in 1844, and Beringer in 1876 in Napa Valley, USA, our history is vast, our influence global, our pioneers brave and our trailblazers innovative. Our 54 remarkable brands tell unmatched stories of dedication and persistence, and we’re pleased to share them with you in these pages. Who knows, you may even be able to visualise them in our wines!

Historical Timeline

1843 Establishment of the Lindeman’s Vineyard in the Hunter Valley, NSW.
1844 Penfolds Wine is established by Dr. Christopher Rawson Penfold and wife Mary on the outskirts of Adelaide
1862 St. Hubert’s vineyards planted in the Yarra Valley
1876 Beringer Brothers Winery is established in California’s Napa Valley
1888 Mildara Wines is created in Sunraysia, Australia
1966 A German immigrant named Wolf Blass establishes Wolf Blass winery in the Barossa Valley
1971 Ian Home establishes Yellowglen vineyard
1973 Matua Valley winery established, producing New Zealand’s first Sauvignon Blanc
1974 Chateau St Jean founded in Sonoma County, California
1975 St Clement Vineyards established in Napa Valley, California
1985 Penfolds Wine Group purchases Allied Vintners Group which includes Wynns Coonawarra Estate, Seaview Wines, JY Tullock and Sons, and Killawarra
1991 Wolf Blass and Mildara Wines combine to create Mildara Blass
1994 Penfolds Wines Group renamed Southcorp Limited
1996 Foster’s acquires Mildara Blass and Rothbury Estate
1996 Southcorp acquires Coldstream Hills and Devil’s Lair
1997 Beringer Wine Estates becomes a public company
2000 Foster’s acquires Beringer Wine Estates in the U.S.
2001 Beringer and Mildara Blass merge to form Beringer Blass Wine Estates
2001 Southcorp and Rosemount Estate merge to become Australia’s largest wine company
2001 Matua Valley is acquired
2003 T’Gallant acquired
2004 A new name is created for the premium wine group – Beringer Blass
2005 Foster’s acquires Southcorp Limited and combines it with existing subsidiary Beringer Blass to form Foster’s Wine Estates
2009 Launch of Wine Strategic Review – structural separation of Australian beer and wine business
2010 Foster’s wine business is named Treasury Wine Estates
2011 Treasury Wine Estates becomes a stand-alone listed company following the Foster’s demerger on 9 May, 2011
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