Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA)

As the major export market for Australian wine, and with strong growth from Californian and New Zealand brands, Treasury Wine Estates has the leading premium import portfolio in the United Kingdom and Europe.

Sales across Continental Europe, the UK, the Middle East and Africa are equivalent to more than 6 million cases, with major direct distribution businesses established in the key Nordic markets of Sweden, Finland and Norway.

Treasury Wine Estates EMEA markets and distributes Europe’s most iconic New World wine brands with a category leading share of the Australian sector in a number of key markets including the Netherlands and the Nordic countries.

As the major export market for Australian wine, we are leaders within this category and extending our stronghold in the New World wine market with successful premium branded offerings from California, South Africa and Chile.

Within Europe, we also own the Gabbiano winery in Tuscany which produces fine Italian wines that are exported across the globe.

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