Recruitment Process

So you have put in your application via our website – now what?

Here at TWE, we know that what makes us great are our people. Therefore, we have a recruitment process that ensures we find the best candidate every time. In addition we have a team of talent acquisition specialists solely dedicated to specific business units to ensure we are experts within our fields, and can quickly identify talent when we see it.

Resume screening

Once an application has been submitted, you will receive an instant notification to acknowledge it has gone through successfully.

Please ensure the email address you supply is one at which you are comfortable receiving updates regarding the progress of your application.

From there, the initial resume screening process can take up to 2 weeks to ensure we have allowed a reasonable time for all interested candidates to apply via the website. If your application is unsuccessful at this stage, you will receive an email to notify you of this outcome.

Phone interview

If your application aligns with the criteria we are looking for, the next step is a phone interview. This will allow us to further assess your suitability to the role from a technical perspective and delve deeper into your relevant experience.

From here, you can expect to be notified by phone as to whether or not your application will be progressed.

Face to face interview

You have had a successful phone interview, so where to from here? Well the next step is to come in for a face to face interview with one of the members of our careers team and/or the hiring manager involved.

This is a structured behavioural style interview and will explore both your capabilities and your culture fit to the role, team and the organisation.  There may also be a role play or presentation involved, depending on the level of role.

Download the TWE Candidate Information Booklet (PDF, 2 MB) for some tips on how best to prepare you for a behavioural interview.  Please come prepared with any questions you may have, remember an interview is a two way street.

Online testing

Once you have made it through the interview stage, you will be required to sit online psychometric testing. This testing will help us to gain an insight into your motivations as well as general aptitude.

Please note, while this testing is a mandatory part of our process, it is one of many assessment tools we use and not the sole deciding factor of your application. It is also important to note that testing must be answered as truthfully as possible, as there are checkpoints in place to ensure that questions are being answering consistently throughout the test.

Reference and qualification checks

Things are looking good, we have asked for referee details. What that means is we will contact two direct managers that you have recently reported to, and ask for an accurate and truthful assessment of your past performance. This will also be the time we will conduct the necessary checks such as tertiary qualifications and/or drivers license if they are requirements for you to successfully perform in the role.

We understand that when you are an active job seeker, this can seem like a lengthy process. However, we are committed to ensuring that your experience with our careers team is both a thorough and positive one.

If you have any questions about your application, or would like to discuss any part of the process in more detail, contact our Global Careers team by Email or phone +61 3 8533 3939.

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