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Baileys of Glenrowan


Baileys of Glenrowan is a premium quality winery, steeped in history, specialising in fine red wines and luscious fortifieds.

Established in 1870, Baileys has taken the best of the old vineyard winemaking techniques and combined these with modern winemaking skills to produce outstanding wines. Baileys wines have won much critical acclaim. The wines have a cult following, partly due to their excellent reputation for developing well with age.

Baileys is a medium sized winery of 143 hectares under vine, all the grapes for our wines are grown in the vineyard and the winemaking is completed on site. Many traditional winemaking techniques are used at Baileys, including the restored 100 year-old Basket Press. The ‘hands–on’ effort required for the grape growing and winemaking is testament to the passion of the Baileys team. The wines are not the only attraction at Baileys of Glenrowan.

The original Baileys family settlers were inspired in their choice of location, for as well as the perfect vine-growing terroir, Baileys vineyards are situated in a beautiful area at the foot of the Warby Ranges.

Varieties of grapes grown at Baileys include Rutherglen brown Muscat, Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon, Tokay, Merlot and Touriga, and are all grown on phylloxera-resistant stock. Baileys makes both dry reds and dessert wines – Muscats, Tokays and Ports.

Baileys of Glenrowan is located five kilometres west of the township of Glenrowan and 230 kilometres northeast of Melbourne.

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