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Douglas Tolley, Ernst Tolley and Thomas Scott bought the East Torrens Winemaking and Distillation Company in 1888.

The company Tolley Scott and Tolley (T.S.T) grew to become one of the largest brandy distillers in Australia. When T.S.T diversified into table wine, the company wanted a new winery name and “Tollana” was born, based on the first syllable of “Tolley”.

Early on, Tollana earned a reputation of making “wine for winemakers”, as it became a favourite among Australia’s close-knit winemaking fraternity.

Some great winemakers have worked for Tollana including Wolf Blass, John Glaetzer, Pat Tocaciu and Neville Falkenberg to name a few.

Today Tollana gives talented winemakers a clean slate to make any style of wine they wish.

In 2008, winemaker Joanna Marsh crafted an outstanding parcel of medium bodied Bendigo Shiraz from a single vineyard owned by Brian and Julie Hurse.

Winemaker Angus Ridley’s obsession with Pinot Noir led him to the Robinson’s Vineyard on Mornington Peninsula.

The results are two examples that live up to Tollana’s reputation of making “wine for winemakers”.


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