Success Recognition

High performance is recognised and rewarded through performance-based Rewards and Recognition Schemes.

The Treasury Wine Estates (TWE) "Let’s Celebrate!" program provides recognition for those who shine, encourages employees and recognises significant or outstanding achievements and excellent service of any colleague, from any department, in any region in the world.

Recognition is an important driver of employee satisfaction, engagement and performance. When employees have a win, we’re going to celebrate it! Employees can be nominated for a “Shout Out” or “I’m Grapeful” award, which reward their contribution to the business. We also recognise loyalty to TWE in the form of “Vintage” awards, which thank individuals for their commitment and service to the company in five-year increments.

Leadership Development

TWE is committed to supporting development that builds both individual and organisational capability. We support and encourage employees to be proactive in managing their development.

We know that companies with high performance cultures have better leadership, create more opportunities for their people to succeed and deliver a better place to work.  To support our high performance culture we have established the TWE Leadership Framework.

Access to Great Brands

Selected product or discounts, from across our business, are available on a regular basis to our employees. This benefit gives you the opportunity to increase product knowledge and to enjoy our products with family and friends.

Cellar Doors

At our cellar doors, employees are eligible for a range of discounts on our products purchased on site. Select wineries also offer a discount on meals consumed at the winery restaurants. Some employees are eligible to receive a pre-determined value of free TWE product each year, which is determined based on the region you are located in.

Our exclusive wine community for the family and friends of TWE employees (not available in all locations) includes regular wine offers and an opportunity to connect with the people and places behind the wine.

Corporate Volunteering and Community Engagement


TWE provides each employee across the globe with one paid day per year to volunteer. We strive for our greatest volunteering impact through the execution of a Global Volunteer Week, during which we arrange for all employees who would like to participate in volunteering together, to do so in one week.

The 1124 Gift

TWE provides “matching donations” of up to $1124 AUD to employees who undertake fundraising activities.


Share Cellar

Our employee share plan, Share Cellar is available for employees to participate in becoming shareholders and co-owners in TWE as we strive to become the world’s most celebrate wine company.

Using some of your after-tax pay over the plan year, TWE will facilitate the acquisition of TWE shares on your behalf. If you continue to be part of the TWE team on vesting date, Treasury Wine Estates will give you one additional matched share for every two purchased shares that you hold in the plan.

The Share Cellar is not available in all of our global locations.

Employee Assistance Program

Offering all permanent employees and their families a free, professional and confidential counselling service. The service can assist employees and their families with personal and work related issues and is offered independently through IPS Worldwide. Counsellors are not TWE employees. They are independent, qualified and experienced professional counsellors.

Other Discounts

As an employee, many corporate discounts are available through selected providers. These discounts include car deals, health and travel insurances, gym memberships and computers. In addition, TWE has an agreement in place with a novated lease provider which enables all eligible Australian employees to package a motor vehicle as part of their contracted Total Fixed Remuneration.