Careers FAQs

Careers FAQs

Recent scamming activity

We are aware of current scams where some candidates are being targeted on various job advertising and social media platforms by individuals claiming to be a part of the HR team at Treasury Wine Estates.  These individuals are typically using usernames that contain numbers and are not attached to legitimate TWE profiles.

To confirm, we will only initiate contact through typical professional channels (on most occasions, it will be Linkedin or your own contact details which you will have provided as part of your application.)  We will always use our full names (first name and surname) when contacting you and will use our work emails and work contact numbers. You’ll also be able to find us on LinkedIn and will be able to confirm that we work at TWE.  We urge you to be alert to any contact which might not seem legitimate.

What is the dress code at Treasury Wine Estates?
We have a "dress for your day" policy.  It’s in our TWE DNA to bring our whole self and so we want you to feel comfortable in how you show up to work.  At the end of the day, we are a business and we trust you to dress for that context in a way that is appropriate for your environment and respectful to your colleagues, along with any external stakeholders you’ll be meeting. Things are a little different in our supply, cellar door and hospitality sites, though.  A uniform may be required and/or there may be specific expectations around wearing appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) and any other clothing that is necessary to meet safety and regulatory requirements. If this applies to you, your manager will guide you on what’s required for you to wear on site.
What facilities are on site?

Depends on location, but most sites have a cafeteria open daily, a bar open on Fridays and change room and shower with lockers available for hire. (Please note, this may not be available on all sites).

What is Treasury Wine Estates’ approach to work/life balance?

Treasury Wine Estates (TWE) promotes flexible work practices, employees may submit a proposal request to work flexibly to his or her manager. This proposal request will be reviewed on an individual basis and is subject to the criteria in the Flexible Work Practices Policy.

Is there an internal promotion policy?

To ensure an open and transparent process, all non-salaried and salaried roles will be advertised internally.

What happens if I have been referred by someone in the business?

If you have been invited to apply to a position by a TWE employee, you will be contacted within 72 hours by a member of our Careers team. Please ensure you state your referrers name in your online application.

What is the Recruitment process?

During the recruitment process you may be asked to participate in one or more of the following exercises:

  • Online application via our Careers page for specific advertised roles and also for your general expression of interest for future opportunities
  • Phone interviews
  • Behavioural (Targeted Selection) interviews
  • Psychometric testing
  • Reference/Background checks, Valid Working Rights checks (including providing passport/visa details and/or birth certificate & driver's license), Qualification checks and Criminal history
  • Pre-employment Medical (specific sites only)