Rowchelle Julian

Rowchelle Julian

Amanda Sellers

What’s one leadership lesson you’ve learned in your career?

Always assume failure. If you are always thinking about contingency plans, then if something goes wrong you’re ready for it and you can prevent issues from occurring. This theory has helped me avoid many issues in my career. 

You recently won the Mary Penfold award, what did that recognition mean to you?

The most rewarding part of my role is seeing my team grow professionally. My priorities at work are driving results through leading. Success is having a team that works well together and supports one another by always over-delivering. I am big on morale, working hard and having fun.

What is the most challenging aspect of your role?

The most challenging thing about my role currently is implementing a new ERP system. The system went live after 8 months. This was a quick implementation and has been successful with a lot of work getting the parameters set up correctly. My team has been putting in long hours with numerous weekends to ensure success. 

What do you regard as the biggest challenges for women in leadership roles?

The biggest challenges for women in leadership in my opinion is that we have to “be nicer”. All through my career I have been given feedback to soften my approach or not be so hard on people at times but at the same time when a male acts the same way he is being promoted and rewarded for getting stuff done. 

How can organizations recruit, retain and develop women leaders?

Organizations can increase recruitment and retention of women leaders by providing the same opportunities independent of gender and by factoring in performance as the key driver. Promoting women leadership programs can help develop women as well as retain them. Treasury Wine Estates has a yearly award to recognise talented women. Part of the award is to give the winner the opportunity to spend a day with our CEO Michael Clarke.

What are you most excited about in the upcoming year? 

I’m really excited about our new acquisition with Diageo wine as well our leadership program called Verasion. Both will provide some great experience and learnings throughout the journey. Our leadership program at TWE is an amazing experience thus far and I look forward to completing it by April. 

What do you like most about working at TWE?

I like the fact that there is a big focus and respect for diversity in the workplace. TWE also owns exceptional brands and a very wide range of products from iconic wines, such as Penfolds Grange, through to very good value and popular commercial wines, such as Rawson's Retreat. TWE employees are proud of these wines and continue to collaborate well to deliver these great wines to the world to enjoy. I love the people and their passion, and the commitment and pride they show on a daily basis. Everywhere I go in TWE, I see the same pride and commitment and this is nothing short of inspiring.  

Favourite TWE wine?

Treasury has a unique and exceptional portfolio. This is a very difficult question because I have a lot of favourites, but I will narrow it down to my top three: Stags’ Leap Cabernet, Etude Pinot Noir and Beringer Private Reserve Cabernet.