Shan He

Shan He

Amanda Sellers

What were you job aspirations when you were at school?

When I was growing up, I wanted to be a teacher so I could always have winter and summer holiday for my entire life.

Who have been your role models?

An American basketball player, Kobe Bryant, who was regarded as the “next Michael Jordan” when he started his career in the NBA. He is young, talented and full of passion, he pursued his dream under high pressure, stayed loyal to the team and led the team to achieve another miracle after Michael Jordan.

What is the most rewarding part of your role?

As part of the HR team, the most rewarding part of my role is to support business growth by helping people develop at the same time.

What do you find the most challenging?

At the moment, the biggest challenge is building our profile as an employer of choice in this highly competitive market, in order to attract the best talent.

How can organizations recruit, retain and develop women leaders?

As the mother of a one year old boy, I think the best way to recruit and retain women leaders is to offer a convenient, flexible workplace that helps them to balance both work and life. To develop more women leaders, we also need to set up a clear career ladder for them and provide them role models within the organization.

What changes do you forecast for women leaders in the workplace in the next five to ten years?

In the industry I came from before joining TWE, women leaders already play a very important role in the business. About 45% of middle management level employees are women, and the percentage is increasing every year. In the next five to ten years, women will fill more top management roles.

Favourite TWE wine?

Penfolds Bin 51 and Wolf Blass Gold Label Riesling.