Treasury Wine Estates introduces Cavaliere d'Oro

Treasury Wine Estates introduces Cavaliere d'Oro

Treasury Wine Estates (TWE) today announced the introduction of its new Italian wine brand, Cavaliere d’Oro, designed to capture growth opportunities in Italian wine while at the same time making an old world wine category more accessible for consumers.

Born out of the legacy of Gabbiano, a premium Italian wine produced in the heart of the Chianti Classico, Tuscany region, Cavaliere d’Oro translates to “The Gold Knight”, with the symbol on the label signifying an invitation to consumers to explore a unique curation of wine from the very best winemaking regions across Italy including Tuscany, Puglia and Sicily.

The brand portfolio was officially unveiled at a premier event in Tuscany at the beautiful Castello di Gabbiano, home to the heritage of crafting quality wine since 1480AD. Targeting new and existing consumers of Italian wine aged 28-40 years, the Cavaliere d’Oro portfolio comprises 13 wines, offered across three distinct tiers:

Bold or Nothing

The Chianti range includes premium Chianti varietals, preserving the winemaking integrity of Tuscany, while enlivening the heritage of Gabbiano
The Regional range extends Cavaliere D’Oro to Italy’s flagship growing regions including Tuscany, Sicily and Puglia, with characterful wines and styles including Primitivo, Tuscan red blend and Terre Siciliane
The Light and Refreshing range rounds out the portfolio with a refreshing collection of celebratory and fun white wines including pinot grigio and prosecco

The introduction of Cavaliere d’Oro continues TWE’s strategy of expanding its country of origin portfolios to meet diverse consumer interests and follows the success of the company’s French portfolio offering, led by Maison de Grand Esprit, released in 2018.
“Today marks another significant milestone for TWE as a truly global wine company. We have strong and successful Australian, New Zealand, American and French portfolios of wine, and we are proud to now offer Italian wine through a portfolio that is accessible and compelling for consumers,” TWE Chief Marketing Officer Michelle Terry said.

“We are building on and expanding the legacy of success driven by Gabbiano, which has a history of more than 500 years of producing high quality Chianti – Gabbiano Chianti, is in fact the number one selling Chianti (by volume) in the US*.” Similar to the model of TWE’s French brand, Maison de Grand Esprit, Cavaliere d’Oro looks to disrupt an old world wine category, as a multi-regionally sourced collection of wines produced to a quality standard – all under one brand. This in turn aims to demystify the complexity that can be associated with the Italian wine category.
The wines are produced by Federico Cerelli, a native of Tuscany and a passionate, talented winemaker with more than a decade of experience crafting top quality Italian wines, having worked as part of the Gabbiano team since 2011 – this new portfolio will allow him to spread his wings into new exciting regions of Italy.
The new brand will be supported by a comprehensive trade and consumer marketing campaign featuring the creative positioning ‘Bold or Nothing’ to reflect the vibrant, contemporary positioning of the new Italian portfolio.
Cavaliere d’Oro will be available in the US from January 2019, with other markets including China, Latin America and Canada to follow.
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* IRI Total MULO, Liquor, Convenience 52 weeks ending 8/12/18.

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