TWE announces global launch of Truvee media release

Brand created by women, for women, to capture ‘white space’ in wine category

TWE announces global launch of Truvee media release

Brand created by women, for women, to capture ‘white space’ in wine category

Treasury Wine Estates (TWE) today announced the global launch of the Truvée brand, taking a non-traditional approach to brand marketing to capture opportunities for growth in the wine category amongst women aged 30-40 years.

Derived from the French word ‘to find’, Truvée was taken on by TWE as part of the Diageo wine business acquisition (completed on 1 January 2016), and until now has only been available in the USA. Under TWE, the brand has undergone a complete redevelopment, with all aspects of the brand’s positioning, wine style, varietals and packaging steered by a cross-functional group of seven women at TWE, known as the ‘Truvée Collective’.

According to TWE Chief Executive Officer, Michael Clarke, the launch of Truvée highlights the significant opportunity for wine brands that appeal specifically to female consumers, while also underpinning the Company’s focus on offering career development for women across the business.

“We saw an outstanding opportunity to offer Truvée to markets around the world, and have taken quite a unique approach to the redevelopment of the brand. We’ve invited a team of women from all parts of the business, including finance, supply, marketing and sales to steer all decisions about the brand and its global launch – this is a group that would not normally get to work together on a project in this way. The result is a brand designed by women, for women, and embracing how multi-faceted women are,” Clarke said.

TWE Global Business Director, Marketing and member of the Truvée Collective, Kristy Keyte added that the brand’s positioning reflects the complexity of women, and is grounded in a philosophy of inspiring women to unlock their hidden depth and potential.

“Our consumer insight was that on the surface, you rarely see what actually defines or inspires women. The creative idea for the brand is “the more you look, the more you find”, and so our goal was to create wines as complex as the women who drink them.

Members of the Truvée Collective each share a passion for developing a wine brand that is more relevant to women just like us, and that moves beyond obvious stereotypes,” Keyte said.

In Australia, a Truvée Rosé and Truvée Pinot Gris (with an RRP of $19.99) will be available in early November 2016 to capitalise on opportunities in two of the fastest growing varietalsi in Australia, with a Truvée Pinot Noir and sparkling varietals to be released in 2017. Fruit for these wines have been sourced from winemaking regions across South East Australia.

TWE will release Truvée varietals in other regions across the world in 2017 and 2018, including Europe, Asia and the USA.

Taking a multi-regional sourcing approach, the launch reflects the Company’s focus on a more balanced model, and demonstrates TWE’s ongoing commitment to building global brands of scale.

“We have been focusing on fewer, bigger and better when it comes to marketing, and this has proven to be very effective for a number of our global brands. Truvée is about more than simply marketing to women. There is depth and complexity to how the brand has been developed, and I’ve been thrilled with the quality of the work delivered by the Truvée team of women. I’m excited about launching this brand across the world,” Clarke said.

i Total bottle Pinot Gris is growing at 18% MAT to 2 October 2016, Aztec
Total bottle Rosé is growing at 25.6% MAT to 2 October 2016, Aztec

Brand created by women, for women, to capture ‘white space’ in wine category

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