Climate Change

Climate Change

TWE acknowledges the challenges and risks posed by climate change. TWE also recognises the responsibility of minimising negative climate change impacts by monitoring and reducing carbon emissions. TWE has been investing in climate change mitigation and adaptation research for more than a decade and we are continually implementing findings and adapting practices to suit the current and predicted changing conditions. Actions taken by TWE to mitigate and adapt to impacts associated with climate change include:

Securing long term grape supply

Achieved by long-term vintage planning and ongoing integrated business planning processes; a strategic climate change remediation investment plan and vineyard capital investment plan; balancing grape intake between owned/leased vineyards and third party suppliers; multi-regional growing and sourcing; innovative agronomic practices; and strong grower relationships and defined service level agreements.

Innovating to manage compressed vintages

In the vineyard, TWE has invested in improved logistics applications that improve visibility of grape delivery and reliability of truck scheduling and integrated vintage information in to the Company’s IT infrastructure to better monitor changes to vintage timing. In the winery, TWE has introduced technologies that allow for optimised fermentation durations and processing.

Continuous data collection and analysis

Collaboration with partners, including industry bodies and research institutes, on climate change adaption projects.

Over time, TWE’s Scope 1 and 2 emissions are trending downwards.