Energy management is critical to TWE’s wine production. TWE recognises the importance of managing our energy sourcing, use and efficiency as a part of operating sustainably, safely and responsibly. We strive for energy efficiency improvement across all areas of the business, from the vineyard to our regional head offices. Actions taken to reduce energy use and improve efficiency include:

Improvement to process

Including increasing the use of counter-current heat exchange, and pulse cooling, while implementing highly efficient cold stabilisation technology, all of which contribute to improving energy efficiency.

Investment in innovation and technology

Including the investment in solar energy systems at several US sites. Of the total electricity consumed at our US wineries and bottling centres from off-site sources, almost 50% is from renewable energy, which equates to approximately nine million kWh per year. TWE continues to investigate alternative energy sources for use across major sites in Australia.

Repairs and maintenance

In our vineyards, TWE invests in energy efficient lighting, pumps and tractors; multi-row harvesting equipment (as appropriate); and energy efficient re-design of driving pathways. Across our wineries and packaging centres, we are replacing older equipment with energy efficient options such as variable frequency pumps, LED lights, and smart-meter electricity sub-monitoring.

Awareness and education

Through development of management systems, such as Sustainable Future, and our online data repository and reporting tool, which measures water use and helps to engage our people on conservation techniques.