Waste and Packaging

Waste and Packaging

TWE is committed to reducing adverse impacts on the environment by minimising waste generated and maximising recycling or reuse, from within our operations, to the end use consumer. TWE recognises the importance of managing waste and packaging materials as an important part of operating sustainably, safely and responsibly. Through a combination of actions we are working to reduce waste production and improve diversion from landfill rates.These actions include:

Implementing effective recovery systems

Within TWE wineries, most waste is organic. Grape skins and seeds, referred to as marc or pomace, are a by-product of the winemaking process and are specifically treated by third parties to extract further value from the waste, or sent to composting facilities.
Cardboard, glass and plastic is carefully separated at our winery and packaging centres to ensure that major materials in our waste streams are either reused or recycled. This includes:
- cardboard, which is recycled through contractors;
- plastic wrap, which is repurposed for multiple reuse functions such as being transformed into pallet slip sheets for export; and
- wooden pallets, which are redistributed throughout regional distribution networks.

In addition, TWE works to promote recycling initiatives in its regional head offices and records office waste volumes where possible.

Sustainable Packaging

TWE’s sustainability, procurement and marketing teams also work with suppliers to optimise product packaging and develop improved supply chain systems that secure high quality raw material inputs, such as cork, cardboard and glass. These systems ensure less is wasted through defect, conflict with design specifications, or inefficiency in operations.
The majority of the Company’s product packaging is made from highly recyclable materials (glass and cardboard). TWE is a signatory to the Australian Packaging Covenant Organisation and publishes an annual report on its Australian packaging materials, optimisation, impact and leadership.

You can access TWE's Australian Packaging Covenant Reports here.