Fostering healthy and inclusive communities

Celebrating Moderation

Celebrating Moderation

Our ambition to be the world’s most admired premium wine company is built on the premise of cultivating a brighter future for everyone who touches our business. This includes being part of thriving communities that are safe, sociable and where moderation is celebrated.  

Our approach is centred on:

Ensuring consumers have comprehensive and easy to understand information about our products to help them make the best choice every time. 

Continuing our investment in low and no alcohol products that offer real choice for consumers.

Working with industry and government to minimise the harmful consumption of alcohol.

Ensuring we, along with the industry, uphold the highest standards in regard to responsible marketing and selling of our products.

Building coalitions with a range of partners to support effective training, education and programs that address harmful consumption and improve alcohol health literacy.

With our own team, we provide training and support to ensure our team lives our commitment to responsible consumption whilst at work or when representing the business at events or functions and during non-work time.

We believe that the misuse of alcohol causes harm, and therefore we believe in and support the World Health Organisation’s (WHO) and the UN Sustainable Development Goals to reduce harmful use of alcohol by 20% (in comparison with 2010) by 2030.   

We believe that harmful consumption of alcohol contributes to a range of direct health impacts, including on mental health, for our consumers as well as to broader impacts on family and the community including violence, drink driving and other accidents.

Product Transparency

Product transparency

Product transparency

We believe that consumers should have easy access to information about our products so that they can make informed and responsible choices about drinking alcohol. We believe this information should be supplemented with tools and resources ensuring that consumers have the best possible information when it comes to making the best choices for them.

There are different perspectives on where, and how, consumers should access information about alcohol and the effects of drinking. Some believe that information, including health warnings, should be mandatory on product labels.  Given the volume of relevant information, labelling on its own is insufficient and does little to engage consumers in making the best choice for them.  We also recognise that a strategy that focuses just on labelling would limit the information available to consumers buying alcohol unpackaged in bars, restaurants, and other venues.

As a leading wine company, we believe that product transparency is just one way we can help improve alcohol health literacy.  To help our consumers make informed choices we make the following commitments:

4.1 Labels

TWE is committed to consistent responsible drinking messages across all our global markets.

Our minimum global labelling requirements include:

  • Brand logo and romance/quality copy
  • Product designation
  • Country of origin
  • Responsible drinking messages, including responsible drinking symbols and links to relevant websites
  • A general health warning across all TWE brand products from 1 January 2025 (where permitted by regulation)
  • Energy labelling on TWE products (excluding products below 375ml) from 1 January 2025
  • Recycling and sustainability symbols

Minimum information must appear in all countries and on all TWE brands, where legally permitted. Where local laws, regulations or codes of practice impose additional or more stringent requirements than our minimum, we make sure we meet those additional requirements in those markets.

4.2  Off Label Information

In addition to packaging labels, we aim to provide information and resources to consumers through a range of options.  These include policies, training, responsible drinking programs, and through our websites.

Want to learn more about calorie information in our wines? Click here

TWE has made a commitment to invest in a dedicated Health and Responsible Consumption website that provides a range of scientifically credible information for our consumers on alcohol and its health effects, how to drink responsibly and where to go for support and additional resources.

Reducing harmful consumption

Reducing harmful consumption

Reducing harmful consumption

We publicly advocate for the following:

  • We believe that our products should not be consumed by under-aged drinkers, and for that reason we advocate that governments globally adopt a minimum purchasing legal age of not less than 18. We endorse minimum legal purchase age laws through responsible service training and standards, and prominently displaying age restriction policies. We strongly support age-gating requirements for online sales and delivery services. We also support mandatory alcohol awareness and literacy training and education in schools.

  • We believe that particular moderation is required when intending to drive a vehicle. We support targeted legislation as well as enforcement and behaviour change measures that have been shown to reduce impaired driving, including strict Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) limits in every country. We also support lower BAC levels for novice and commercial drivers.

  • We recognise that everyone benefits when alcohol is served responsibly and we support responsible service training, licencing, and certifications, as well as practices aimed at helping consumers to enjoy our products safely and responsibly. 

  • In celebration of moderation, we recognise the government national drinking guidelines in every market in which we operate.

We will work continuously with industry, governments, and other stakeholders to inform and lead development and implementation of public policies that support the reduction of harmful alcohol consumption.

More choice for every occasion

More choice for every occasion

More choice for every occasion

We recognise that consumers are making purchasing decisions that align with their own wellbeing and personal values.  For this reason, we intend to continue to invest strongly in, and build, our range of low and no alcohol products to offer consumers real choice in responsible consumption of our products.

Responsible marketing

Responsible marketing

Responsible marketing

Creating memorable brand experiences for our consumers is something our people are passionate about.

We will ensure that we talk about our brands in the right way, in the right place and at the right time, and we need to do this in a way that lives our commitment to celebrating moderation through responsible consumption.

This commitment is consistent across all aspects of our marketing and advertising practices, from digital marketing and sponsorships through to consumer experiences and purchasing of our products.

Our Responsible Marketing Code sets out our policies, commitments, and practices to ensure we put these principles into practice every day.

You can get more information on our Responsible Marketing Code here.

Collective impact

Collective impact

Collective impact

We believe that industry, government, and other stakeholders need to work together if we are to reduce harmful consumption of alcohol.

Our intent is to increasingly work with public and private organisations to support and implement targeted, evidence-based programs that help achieve the WHO and UN Sustainable Development Goal target of a 20% reduction of harmful alcohol use by 2030.

TWE is part of industry-wide programs to encourage the responsible use of alcohol; as well as being members of social aspect organisations that tackle misuse and promote responsible drinking.

Our current memberships include:







United Kingdom

Portman Group

United Kingdom


Alcohol in the workplace

Alcohol in the workplace

Alcohol in the workplace

We believe that celebrating moderation and reducing harmful alcohol consumption must start with us – the TWE team.

TWE has an Alcohol Policy that sets out the core expectations of our people when it comes to safe and responsible consumption of alcohol including drinking at work, work related functions and when our people are representing TWE and its brands outside of work; maintaining workplace health, safety, and wellbeing and drink driving.  You can view our policy here.

We are also committed to developing a world-class training, education and engagement program that celebrates moderation and improves alcohol health literacy amongst our team.

Sustainable Development Goals Alignment


TWE SR 2021 SDG Goals Fostering health


For more detail please refer to our Sustainability Report and our Alcohol and Health Policy.