Key Achievements

F19 - F20

Key Achievements

F19 - F20

Focus Areas

Behind every bottle of wine is a team passionate about supporting each other and delivering the best outcomes for all stakeholders including customers, consumers and communities.

In the last year this has meant a strong focus on:

- Supporting the safety, health and well being of our team through the COVID-19 global pandemic, which included additional paid leave, mental health support, and communication.

- Supporting and educating our people through the Black Lives Matters movement

- Progressing our TWE diversity and inclusion agenda to ensure people could bring their whole self to work

- Completing a Human Rights Impact Assessment to further strengthen our commitment to protecting human rights



F19 - F20

2020 Snapshot

- Committed to a 50% women in leadership target by 2025

- Launched global TWEforMe program focusing on mental health and physical health, life skills, and development

- 93% increase in safety conversations from F19 and established Global Destination Zero Harm commitments

- Enhanced TWE’s paid leave benefits in USA 

- Advanced TWE’s Human Rights Roadmap and completed a Human Rights Impact Assessment

- Mobilised global COVID-19 support accompanied by TWE’s first global workforce surveywine.