Corporate Responsibility Governance

Corporate Responsibility Governance

Global Corporate Responsibility Council

The Global Corporate Responsibility (CR) Council (the Council) is the CR framework's governing body, with oversight of the CR agenda and its strategy.

The Council’s role is to:

  • determine the strategic direction of the CR program;
  • identify CR related risks and opportunities and determine how they may be managed;
  • make CR related policy decisions for the business;
  • report CR matters to management and the Board, and other business areas as required; and
  • assist in the execution of CR activities.

The Council comprises several members of the Company’s Executive Leadership Team, including the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), and senior representatives from regional and functional areas of the business. The Council is chaired by Carolyn Coon, TWE’s Global Director Corporate Affairs.

Materiality Assessment

In F18, the Global Corporate Responsibility (CR) Council reviewed the CR program, considering the Company's vision, strategy and business priorities. This review was supported by a comprehensive CR materiality assessment.

The CR materiality assessment highlighted 20 priority ESG topics, which informed the formation of the CR framework key pillars - Performance, Planet, People and Product. Progress made against these identified topics is reported annually through TWE's Sustainability Report.

For a full description of TWE's material business risks and relevant mitigating actions undertaken by the Company please refer to the Operating and Financial Review of the 2019 Annual Report.

External Frameworks

United Nations Global Compact

TWE is committed to integrating the Global Compact’s ten principles on human rights, labour, the environment and anti-corruption into its business operations and supplier base. TWE are a member of local chapter Global Compact Network Australia.

TWE’s F19 Communication on Progress was submitted alongside the Company's 2019 Sustainability Report.

United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

Seven of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) have been identified as the Company’s priority SDGs. These SDGs were identified as having the most impact on, and being most closely aligned to, the Company’s vision and strategy, and are:

SDG Goal 3SDG Goal 5SDG Goal 6SDG Goal 7SDG Goal 12SDG Goal 13SDG Goal 17

Taskforce on Climate-related Financial Disclosure (TCFD)

TWE acknowledges the challenges and impacts posed by climate change and the opportunities and risks (both physical and transitional) it presents for the Company. During F19, TWE considered in detail the recommendations of the TCFD. In particular, the Company conducted a detailed gap analysis and benchmarking of TWE’s existing frameworks, practices and disclosures against the TCFD recommendations and current market practice.

Read TWE's response to the TCFD recommendations here or view the 2019 Sustainability Report.

Corporate Governance 

Transparency and effective governance practices are critical to creating and delivering value to our shareholders; promoting investor confidence; and underpinning effective decision making, accountability, and transparency.

As part of its corporate governance responsibilities, the Board oversees the Company's approach to, and management of ESG matters, and as part of this overight receives bi-annual updates from the CR Council on the CR framework and status of key priorities.

The Board also has oversight of the Company's key ESG disclosures, including the Sustainability Report (which in 2019, has been reviewed and approved by the Board), the UN Global Compact Communication on Progress, and the Board-approved Statement on Human Rights and Modern Slavery.

Please visit the Corporate Governance section of this website for more information.

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