Key achievements

F19 - F20

Key achievements

F19 - F20

Focus Areas

We instill a strong culture of corporate governance, transparency and accountability to create long term value for both ourselves and the communities we operate within.

This past financial year we have focussed on the following areas:

- Removing potential risks from our supply chain through a new supplier monitoring system

- Embedding our Corporate Responsibility Framework aligned to external financial reporting benchmarks 

- Progressing our Taskforce on Climate Related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) reporting roadmap


F19 - F20

2020 Snapshot

- Began a two-year Climate Scenario Analysis to identify biggest risks and opportunities to arise from climate change

- Maintained our United Nations Global Compact signatory commitment

- Introduced a rigorous supplier onboarding and risk assessment platform 

- Embedded our TCFD roadmap into business strategy, financial and risk management processes