Key achievements

F19 - F20

Key achievements

F19 - F20

Focus Areas

We are committed to being sustainable and efficient in the way we source, produce and distribute wine. Building a sustainable future means taking steps today to better understand and reduce our impact.

During the past year we have focussed on:

- Climate Scenario Analysis to understand how the business should adapt and manages risks associated with climatic changes. The work is underway for Australia and New Zealand, with plans to undertake the analysis for the Americas and EMEA next financial year.

- New Sustainable Packaging Guidelines with associated targets, designed to reduce our packaging and minimise waste along the value chain.



F19 - F20

2020 Snapshot

- Introduced Global Packaging Guidelines with ambitious targets

- Reduced water usage by 13.5% during F20

- Reduced energy usage by 9.7% during F20

- Reduced Scope 1 & 2 carbon emissions by 3.1%

- Maintained critical global sustainability certifications

- Achieved a 96.2% diversion from landfill rate