Key Achievements

F19 - F20

Key Achievements

F19 - F20

Focus Areas

We strive to produce premium quality wines for adults around the world, helping them to celebrate moments of joy and connection through the responsible and safe consumption of alcohol.

Throughout the past year we focussed on:

- Promoting responsible consumption messaging through our own communications and by partnering with industry groups to promote responsible consumption programs and activities within the community

- Continuing to innovate our product range to give consumers more choice in lower and no-alcohol options

- Exploring current and emerging trends including organic, vegan and biodynamic wines as well as more sustainable packaging and design

F19 - F20

2020 Snapshot

- Promoted Smart Drinking Week and developed a global awareness toolkit

- Innovation strategy continued to expand and focussed upon the launch of lower alcohol options

- Launched an organically certified wine range

- 2019 Spring Racing Carnival partnership acknowledged by DrinkWise as a best-in-class approach

- Began a glass weighting review to lightweight certain bottles as part of Global Packaging Guidelines

- Continued to support and promote responsible consumption through key industry partnerships